Transparency Q&A

Have questions about Measure's commitment to transparency? 

Our Transparency Q&A page offers clear, detailed responses regarding our mission, financial management, and the impact of our work. Your trust is important to us. 


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Measure works to combat structural racism and eliminate social disparities using data and education. We serve a diverse range of Powerful Black, Brown and Indigenous groups including all ethnic and racial groups, students, researchers, and activists, focusing on creating equitable social change.

Transparency is a core value at Measure. We maintain open communication about our programs, activities, and finances. Detailed information about our operations, including our strategic plans and achievements, is regularly updated on our website.

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Funds at Measure are carefully allocated to support our various programs and initiatives. This includes data support, community power-building, research, and advocacy. Our financial reports are available for public review, illustrating how we utilize resources for maximum impact.

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Yes, our annual tax return including revenue and expenditure details, are publicly accessible. We believe in full financial disclosure to ensure accountability and trust.

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We track our impact through specific Community Impact Metrics (CIMs). This information can be found in the strategic plan and is regularly evaluated and shared publicly.

Individuals interested in getting involved or learning more about our work can visit our website, contact us directly, or join us at one of our community events.

Our future plans include expanding our reach, developing new tools for community empowerment, and continuing our advocacy for racial equity and social justice.

Measure has positioned ourselves to be a workplace anchored in healing. Through strategic funding and partnerships, we ensure our team has access to rest, therapy and healing and liberation retreats. We also maintain an operation where staff are free to voice concerns at any time.