Community Power building


Since 2019, Measure has provided over 3,000 hours of free data support hours to Powerful Black, Brown, and Indigenous-led organizations by helping them create community-led solutions, community impact metrics, and data collection plans. Although they felt more equipped to serve their community and get funding, they were still missing a place to:

      1. Tech solution to manage their data
      2. Relationships to further their mission
      3. Visibility of their great work

Then we decided to dig into the numbers...


Black-led organizations
 did not have systems for
collecting data 1



The  combined 

philanthropic funding to

Black communities 2

National Center for Responsive Philanthropy

After sharing our findings of our organization’s gaps, we garnered the support of MIT Solve, Social Science Research Council and Philanthropitch to ideate and design an innovative solution to ignite social change in a data-driven, community-led and antiracist way.
  1. Measure, 2020 Report, Centering The Experience Black-Led Nonprofits In Austin
  2. National Center for Responsive Philanthropy, 2016-2018 Report


An antiracist tech platform where Black, Brown, and Indigenous people can create racial equity-focused metrics, report their impact, get matched to other organizations with similar goals, and find funding.


Measure Ignite is changing the game with antiracism built into our technology from the start. We’ve developed a unique tech solution that prioritizes comprehensive support, offers data-driven tools and a vibrant network for connections. Our core mission is to spotlight the incredible work of powerful Black, Brown and Indigenous organizations to ensure they receive the recognition and support they truly deserve.
Check out the work from some amazing organizations that align with our antiracist approach.


Just Tech produces justice-focused technology research that amplifies historically marginalized voices and envisions equitable technological futures.


The Wait Until 8th pledge empowers parents to unite against societal pressures and delay smartphone usage for their children until 8th grade to promote a more balanced childhood experience.

Algorithmic Justice League

The Algorithmic Justice League strives to combat AI bias and discrimination, advocating for equitable and accountable AI systems that consider the voices and rights of the most impacted communities.

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