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what we do

Our  Vision and Mission

To build a world free of health, education, criminal justice and economic inequities by using data to mobilize communities and create social change.

The Measure  CARE Model

Traditional evaluation fails to meet the needs of the people most impacted by inequity. It’s time for a new approach that puts community members at the front of research and evaluation.

The Measure CARE Model works so communities can create solutions based on their unique needs and goals. We Can Now used the Measure CARE model to measure their food distribution efforts in Central Texas. Together we can build a more equitable world one community at a time.

How We Make  Change


Collaborates with powerful Black, Brown and indigenous-led organizations


We gather data to build a foundation for anti-racist change in a community


We mobilize communities using data to actively participate in fighting structural and systematic racism


Together, we change systems and work toward a world free of injustice and inequity

who we serve

Our  Community

Measure focuses on serving powerful Black, Brown and Indigenous communities. We believe these communites are the key to building a world free of health, education, criminal justice and economic inequities.

Our Collaborators

Powerful Black, Brown and Indigenous-led organizations that want to use data as a foundation for their work.

Non-profit orgs and institutions that want to connect with powerful Black, Brown and Indigenous communities.

Philanthropic organizations that want to advance data for equity initiatives.

who we ARE

What Makes Us Effective

Decolonizing data and evaluation for our community by our community.


work we've done

Our Recent  Projects

Measure is working to build a strong network of Powerful Black, Brown and Indigenous-led organizations in Texas by 2025. Our recent work with various organizations and instituions have contributedd to that progress.

The State of Black Lives in Austin

Austin, TX

The State of Black Lives in Austin black paper evaluates current outcomes, previous initiatives, and resource allocation targeted at improving the quality of life for the African American (Black) community in Austin, Texas, and presents an in-depth analysis of the systemic challenges, disparities, and aspirations of Black residents. 

Bridging the Nonprofit Board Representation Gap

Austin, TX

By prioritizing diversity and inclusion at all levels of governance, nonprofits can foster greater representation, inclusivity, and effectiveness in their boardrooms. To address the lack of diversity on nonprofit boards, organizations can take several proactive steps. Increasing the representation of leaders of color serving on boards requires intentional efforts and a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Residential Tech Study

Austin, TX

Millions of people in the United States lack technological connectivity, which leaves them out when trying to access online public or commercial services.

Measure partnered with the City of Austin and gained feedback to construct powerful storytelling about how to solve the problem.

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