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We are working to create a world free of health, education, criminal justice and economic inequities.

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We envision a world free of health, education, criminal justice and economic inequities. Our mission is to use data and education to mobilize communities and eliminate social disparities.

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Travis County Girl Squad

Juvenile justice research and advocacy in support of MEASURE’s Innocence Initiative uncovered a need for more direct support to Black girls.

In response, MEASURE partnered with Hearts2Heal to form the Travis County Girl Squad, a mentorship program for Black teenage girls who have had experience with the juvenile justice system, have an incarcerated parent, or a family that has been negatively impacted by the pandemic.

The program supports each Black girl with mental wellness services, monthly cash and food assistance, mentorship and a laptop.

When you protect black girls, you protect everyone else.

Communities we serve

Maternal Health Equity Report

In 2020, MEASURE partnered with the Maternal Health Equity Collaborative to assess the unique needs of pregnant people during COVID-19, focusing on Black women and BIPOC families who have historically experienced disparate rates of poor health outcomes and maternal mortality.

MEASURE leveraged its Community Survey Design Tool, gathering lived-experience data to evaluate maternal healthcare and support systems in Central Texas.

Communities we serve

Data and Evaluation for Equity

In 2021, MEASURE partnered with the Black Leaders Collective to evaluate how Austin’s Black-led nonprofits can be sustained over the decades ahead.

With acknowledgment of the historical inequities in philanthropy and funding faced by Black and Brown-led organizations, MEASURE used its Community Survey Design Tool to collect lived-experience data from Austin Black non-profit leaders, evaluating organizational capacity with respect to strategic direction, program design & evaluation, human resources, information technology, financial management & development, & marketing.

Our solution is to provide free data support to Black and Brown-led orgs worldwide.



212 Catalysts and the African American Leadership Institute approached MEASURE with a problem: Compared to other large metropolitan cities in the United States, Austin, Texas is unique in that the percentage of the Black population is declining as the overall population grows rapidly. Additionally, employers are having a difficult time retaining Black hires. What prohibits Black Austinites from connecting with their community and remaining in the Austin metropolitan area?

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