The State of Black Lives in Austin

The State of Black Lives in Austin black paper evaluates current outcomes, previous initiatives, and resource allocation targeted at improving the quality of life for the African American (Black) community in Austin, Texas, and presents an in-depth analysis of the systemic challenges, disparities, and aspirations of Black residents. This paper compares the findings of the 2008 African American Quality of Life report with a holistic assessment in 2023, offering a comprehensive look at Arts and Culture, Business and Economics, Employment and Education, Health and Wellness, Neighborhood Sustainability, and Community Safety. In addition, the paper calls for an impartial audit and accountability regarding the City of Austin’s past initiatives and resource allocation aimed at uplifting the African American community and urges the development of clear metrics for measuring future progress and setting strategic next steps to genuinely invest in Austin’s Black community in a transparent, impactful way moving forward.