Webinar – LBJ In The Arena: July 29: Rethinking Policing: Police Accreditation & Data Driven Policy

Join UT Austin’s, The LBJ School of Public Affairs , for their biweekly virtual session this Wednesday, July 29th, at 12pm CST via Zoom, that focuses on topics including systemic racism, policing reform and fair elections.
“Longstanding tensions between Black and Brown communities and the police have come to a head with the killing of George Floyd. Global protests in support of the dignity of Black lives has followed suit as have calls to reform, defund and abolish the police. This historic moment represents an important time to rethink policing. LBJ Assistant Professor Gordon Abner will discuss his research on police accreditation and will talk with Jameila Meme Styles (Taliaferro) of MEASURE , an organization at the forefront of addressing community policing and social disparities through a data-driven model. Abner and Styles will talk about how to best harness data to bring about effective and equitable policies that reimagine policing.”